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At Proud Projects, we believe in keeping it simple and straightforward. We value transparency, and that’s why we’ve laid out each step of our process below, so you know exactly what to expect. We pride ourselves on being cost-effective, thanks to our efficient processes, as well as our long-standing relationships with reliable trades and suppliers.

You can count on us to provide a personalised touch at every stage of your project. Discover why our clients always love the experience at Proud Projects, by delving into our process below.


Our dedicated Office Staff will expertly handle your initial inquiry, ensuring we gather all the essential details to ascertain that Proud Projects is the perfect fit for you and your project. Following confirmation, our Director, Chris, will schedule a convenient site visit to engage in a comprehensive discussion about your ideas, your space, and your project.


We attribute the success of every project to effective communication and a deep understanding of our clients' needs. This is why when we arrive on site to meet you, we pay careful attention to your creative ideas, must-haves, timelines and budget. 

We assess your space to ensure your preferences are suitable for your unique space. 

This on-site exploration is crucial, helping us grasp your surroundings as it may influence the design and process we choose.

Quotes and Estimations

Whether you're considering a modest 1-2 room renovation or decking project, or you have a larger-scale project in mind, we've got you covered. Our commitment is reflected in the clarity of our detailed quotes, ensuring they are not only comprehensive but also easy to interpret. 

For more extensive projects, we provide thoughtful estimates, giving you a transparent overview of the investment required for your unique vision. Your peace of mind and understanding matter to us, and we aim to simplify the financial aspect of your project every step of the way.

Customised Design

For standard-sized renovations, our Management Team works with you to create a custom design that suits your preferences. No detail is too small; we guide you through the entire process, from selecting the optimal height for your towel rails to understanding your preferred sink style. At Proud Projects, we are meticulous in our approach, covering all the details to ensure your design is not only a reflection of your ideas aesthetically, but is also equally functional in both application and upon completion.

For larger projects we are also open to collaborating with your existing designs and plans. However, we make it a point to thoroughly scrutinise them, ensuring that no essential details escape our attention from a renovator's perspective.

Proposal Acceptance

Upon acceptance of our proposal and the formalisation of our contracts, our dedication to your project evolves into a structure support phase. We provide guidance on how to best obtain permits and prepare for your renovation. Additionally, recognising the importance of the safety of your home and your family, we proactively manage the coordination of all essential insurances ahead of time.


Now the fun part begins! Your personalised journey awaits as you gain exclusive access to our supplier showrooms. Here, you have the opportunity to make your selections, with a wide array of products, finishes, and colours to choose from. We invite you to make each choice a reflection of your unique style and preferences, and our specialist partners will be by your side should you need any advice or direction.

Seamless Project Management

Upon entering this stage, you will receive exclusive access to our sophisticated online project management system. This cutting-edge platform provides you with a personalised login, granting you visibility into the intricacies of each step of your project. From schedules and estimates to any variations and invoices, the system ensures complete transparency. Daily logs, extensive messaging capabilities, and commenting features further enhance the communication channels, delivering complete transparency.

We firmly believe that this commitment to open communication is what makes a successful working relationship, and ultimately leads to satisfied clients.


As we transition into the pre-construction phase, meticulous planning takes centre stage. Our team initiates the process by ordering all necessary materials, ensuring that everything is in place for a seamless construction. Simultaneously, we work closely with you to arrange a construction commencement day that aligns with your schedule.


The eagerly awaited construction day has arrived, marking the beginning of your home’s transformation. Our highly skilled team of qualified tradespeople dedicate their expertise to deliver nothing short of the best results.

Maintaining our high standards throughout the entirety of the construction phase is of utmost importance to our team. Engaging the same tradespeople and suppliers ensures our projects are consistent, reliable and are completed on time.

Safety and cleanliness are non-negotiable on our construction sites. Our team is fully trained in first aid protocols, underscoring our commitment to a safe working environment.

We also take pride in our quality assurance practices at every construction stage, employing comprehensive checklists and photographs to guarantee that every aspect of the project operates smoothly.

Final Inspection

After project completion we walk through the project with you, to make sure everything meets your expectations. If there's anything that needs fixing or changing, we will create a defects list and handle it right away. The majority of our work, however is almost always flawlessly executed, thanks to our clear communication and detailed processes all along the way.


The satisfaction of realising your vision and sharing that moment is what truly drives us. As we officially wrap up our time together in this final step, we view a project not as a conclusion but as an ongoing journey. While our formal collaboration concludes, our commitment continues. Before we part ways, we'll walk you through the practical aspects of using and maintaining your new space, and you're welcome to reach out anytime with questions or concerns, even after the project's completion.

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